A lot of ugly beasts stalk beauties, says RICHARD & JUDY

When scientists visit a tucked-away part of the planet—say, a deep-ocean hydrothermal vent or an isolated jungle mountain—they routinely find dozens of species that have never been documented. It’s discoveries like these that allow folks who believe in mythical beasts such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and El Chupacabra to hold out hope that these creatures actually do exist. In most cases, hope is all they have, as the scientific evidence for these 10 animals of urban legend simply isn’t very convincing. The best evidence for this beast remains a famous Patterson-Gimlin film shot in California in — and even that looks like a guy in a cheap gorilla suit. Nessie was first reported in , and since then many locals and tourists have claimed to see something in the cold, deep water. Despite occasional reports, doctored photos, and scientific investigations using everything from submarines to sonar beams , hard evidence of Nessie has yet to surface. El Chupacabra, the “goat-sucker,” was first seen in Puerto Rico in the mids. Descriptions vary, but it’s said to be from 3 to 5 feet tall, have a row of spikes down its back , and possess alienlike eyes. It is also a vampire, supposedly sucking the blood out of its prey mostly goats, sheep, and small animals. It is said to have either come from outer space, or be the product of secret government genetics experiments; its true origin, a sci-fi film, was recently revealed in the book “Tracking the Chupacabra.

Cute Baby Photos of Ugly Animals

Have you been hearing bumps in the night? Have you seen flickers of light in the sky? How about shadows in rural forests? Americans have been seeing odd phenomena and coming up with scary stories and legends to explain them for centuries.

Online Dating. Review: – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. May 25, by blipvertus · Cult of The bad and ugly are the new rules. It’s not all bad, there​.

I was born with a rare blood disorder that has had its way with my body from a young age. It has left me with physical deformities and joint abnormalities. One side of my body is puny and atrophied compared to the other. I look like what I am: a broken man. In movies, ugly characters are redeemed by being made beautiful in time to catch the eye of their love interest, or else their ugliness is a joke Ugly Betty is NOT ugly.

What is there for people like me who will never be remotely attractive and who are just average on the inside? I have a flexible job that allows me enough free time to pursue my hobbies, with employers who understand when I have to miss work for health reasons. Is it better to close off that part of myself and devote my time and energies to the aspects of my life that work, or should I try some novel approaches to matchmaking? My appearance makes online dating an absolute no-go.

In person, people react well to my outgoing personality, but would not consider me a romantic option. Thanks for your help. Once upon a time I had a friend who was severely burned over most of his body. He barely survived. When he got out of the hospital four months later, his nose and fingers and ears were burnt nubs and his skin was more hide than flesh, like that of a pink lizard with mean streaks of white glazed over the top.

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Lovely Beasts by Kate Gardner $ buy online or call us (+64) 4 from Schrödinger’s Books, Jackson Street, Petone, Lower Bats are ugly.

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One ugly beast. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

It’s a bit ugly, a bit grubby, arrogant,” says Hayden Thorpe, reflecting on the recording of Wild Beasts’ fifth album, their most naked and direct to date and a.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle Reading App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Aye-ayes belong to the animal group known as primates, which includes not only humans, but apes and monkeys.

Aye-ayes lack the majesty of a gorilla or the cuteness of a monkey. In fact, aye-ayes are so strange looking they were originally classified as rodents. Readers of this absorbing volume will discover fascinating facts about these odd animals, who have big eyes, enormous ears, and elongated fingers, and who use echolocation to find food. Accessible text addresses elementary science concepts, while colorful images dazzle the eyes.

The Beasts: Chefs, Growers, and Food Photographers Rally Behind the Ugly Food Movement

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And so we are left with the conclusion that a Makati prosecutor has declared that because Laurio has failed to prove that she is not ugly.

Growing up in rural Australia, I found joy in the weird creatures around me — and finding out why they had evolved that way. T he surinam toad is an unusual creature to behold: it has an extremely flat, splat-like body, with a posterior packed with large pores full of babies. But of course, the adaptation has an intelligent purpose. By carrying her eggs on her back, the mother is able to lay flat against her surroundings, protecting her spawn from predators until they are ready for the world.

If you suffer from trypophobia the fear of small, tightly packed holes , look away now. The surinam toad is a perfect example of one of my obsessions: ugly animals. And drawing them. From an early age I found so much joy in the weird and wonderful creatures around me, from the frequent visits of Antechinus marsupials to the bandy-bandy snakes, goannas in the garden, and possums in the trees. We had a vast range of pets too — miniature ponies and donkeys, among them.

Our home was always decorated with paintings by Mum, and my sister and I were fortunate enough to inherit her artistic skill. Species that possess human tendencies, infant-like features, vibrant colours, symmetry and impressive proportion — or offer something we can use, such as food, medicine or clothing — are almost always going to appeal more to us. But an animal like the endangered aye-aye suffers in comparison. It sounds ridiculous, but myths like these have a direct impact on their population.

We need to understand this incredible species, not be afraid of it; we need to educate others on why the creature has evolved like this.

Ugly mammals

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance were glorious eras for art , but for every Mona Lisa there was something that looked a little, well, derpy. There are ugly babies , angry-looking madonnas, and a lot of weird and inappropriate marginalia in manuscripts. Bestiaries — encyclopedias of beasts — were common in the Middle Ages. There are some very accurate drawings of animals in these manuscripts.

But you won’t find any of them on this list.

Nature’s Freak Show: Ugly Beasts (Set) [Levy, Janey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nature’s Freak Show: Ugly Beasts (Set).

The conventional view is that the ancient Greeks provided the bedrock for Western civilisation. After all, they invented democracy, philosophy and drama. But it would be a mistake to imagine them as exclusively rational. Their society was shaped by strange and primal forces as much as the guiding light of reason. And nowhere is this more visible than in their art.

One of the most intriguing aspects of ancient Greek art is its glut of fantastical creatures. When we consider Greek art, we tend to envisage marble statues of Olympian gods — but gorgons, griffins, centaurs and sphinxes are actually just as common. What was the significance of all these ferocious supernatural beasts? Fantastical animals were already part of the repertoire of Aegean craftsmen in prehistory, a millennium before the high point of the classical age in Athens in the Fifth Century BC.

For instance, they star in the art of both the Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations of the Bronze Age. Lions or griffins? Yet a significant find from a cemetery near the modern town of Lefkandi on the large Greek island of Euboea suggests greater sophistication during these murky centuries than was previously thought.

Most people avoid ugly animals. I’m obsessed with them

The Big Ugly exclusive trailer has arrived, ahead of its July release. Revenge films have always held a certain degree of intrigue for action movie fans and some of the biggest stars of the sub-genre have built their careers entirely on the concept. Liam Neeson is one such star, having become so synonymous with the sub-genre that it often seems as though his non-revenge related work has been overshadowed. There are plenty of people who feel the genre is past its prime, of course, but few can argue with the appeal of watching a popular action star right the wrongs that have been done against moral, upstanding people.

For many years, revenge films have been headed up by British stars such as Neeson , and even hearken back to the earlier work of acclaimed actors such as Vincent Price and Michael Caine.

Yikes! The male elephant seal has an inflatable snout that may not be pretty to us​, but it serves an important purpose in elephant seal communication. This set.

Some animals, like cats and dogs , start off really adorable but remain snuggly and sweet well into adulthood, and others, like naked mole rats — bless their hearts — are ugly from cradle to grave. We tracked down 30 of them, so sit back, relax and check out these impossibly adorable baby photos of animals that most people consider to be pretty ugly.

Giant anteaters can grow to be over 7 feet long and are best identified by their ridiculously long snout and tongue, the better for scooping up lots of tasty ants. They also have 4-inch-long claws, which make them one of the most dangerous animals on earth. Not everyone is going to agree with us on this one, but baby alligators called hatchlings are super cute, in a prehistoric kind of way.

Just look at those big eyes! Hyenas are simply terrifying creatures, doglike in their ferocity but otherwise completely different from them. Fact: Chickens are really ugly but delicious creatures.

Why we women love an ugly man

Wherever they roam in the universe, “Star Wars” characters are met with a motley crew of creatures, sometimes mild-mannered and sometimes monstrous. No matter their dispositions or intentions, you can always count on these organisms being more than a little bit weird. Take wampas, for example. On the ice planet Hoth, one wampa grabbed Luke Skywalker and then hung him upside down in a cave.

This is one of the oldest legendary monsters, dating back to the folklore of Native An ugly, stumpy critter with a spiked tale, the hodag features in Paul Bunyan.

Ugliness has long posed a challenge to aesthetics and taste, and complicated what it means to be beautiful and valued. Western traditions often set ugliness in opposition to beauty, but the concept carries positive meanings in different cultural contexts. At opposite extremes, ugliness has become not only an endpoint dismissal but also a rallying cry. In different times and places, any one of us might have been considered ugly: from the red-haired to the blue-eyed, left-handed to hook-nosed, humpbacked to blighted.

In ancient Greece, synonyms of ugliness connoted evil, disgrace and handicap. Exceptions could arise the ugly but wise philosopher Socrates; the deformed fable-telling slave Aesop , but external features tended to be seen as a reflection of internal worth or a congenital omen. The ancient pseudo-science of physiognomy read moral goodness and evil proportionately to beautiful and ugly features. Medieval fairy tales transformed beauties and beasts, but negative connotations carried across centuries.

Monsters arose in the margins of misunderstanding as colonial empires expanded. The 18th and 19th centuries continued to test the wavering line between beauty and ugliness. Even as traditional meanings were challenged, freak shows hurled ugliness to new heights, alongside museums of anatomy and world fairs that exhibited human specimens and ethnic displays.

This award-winning video about the ugly truth of dating is delightfully beautiful.