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Costume Jewelry Identification

Jewelry marks, makers and dates reference list Page 1. A generous collector told me that, ” He emigrated to New York initially from Naples, Italy around and then moved to Providence around Unfortunately, he died in while a relatively young man, so he personally only had a few pieces under his name. I have two of those, one with red stones and one with blue stones.

This gave birth to costume jewelry, made popular by Elsa Schiaparelli and other components and details are very telltale when it comes to dating the jewelry.

The earliest costume jewelry was simply an imitation of precious jewelry and had little intrinsic value or original style of its own. However, once the French couturiers put their names to costume jewelry it became desirable, acceptable, and expensive. In the early s, couturier Paul Poiret became a proponent of costume jewelry, accessorizing his models with necklaces of silk tassels and semiprecious stones designed by the artist Iribe. By , the Marshall Field’s department store catalog described costume jewelry in positive terms, announcing, “The imitation is no longer a disgrace.

The most ubiquitous jewelry imitation in the s was a pearl necklace. Strands of pearls or colored beads neatly circled the neck or swung to waist, hip, even kneelength, made to move with fast-paced dances like the Charleston. At the end of the period when the little black dress became a daytime standard, shorter strands of light-colored beads and pearls continued as the accessories of choice.

Rhinestone jewelry also blazed into prominence, as it was the perfect foil for two fashion innovations: suntans and white evening gowns. Beginning in the s and continuing throughout the s, fashion and jewelry shared a multitude of influences including Art Deco, the Far East, North Africa, and India. Egyptian motifs were inspired by the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb in The Colonial Exhibition in Paris in and the New York World’s Fair in expanded the vocabulary of foreign influences, and rough, raw, “barbaric” materials real and imitation , including ivory and faux versions , bone, amber, wood, and even cork, were used for over-scale jewelry.

Chanel’s signature necklace in was a massive East Indian- inspired bib of faux pearls, uncut emeralds, ruby beads, and dangling metal pieces with a cord tie. In the mids, fashion’s palette turned Technicolor, as plastic was produced in bright colors for the first time and metal jewelry was hand-enameled to add color.

Vintage Costume Jewelry Identification and Value Guide

Vintage costume jewelry is perhaps the easiest way to wear vintage for any modern woman of any background, style or size. You can be a top-level executive CEO and wear a pair of Trifari vintage earrings with your power suit. Whatever style suits your fashionable needs can and will be fulfilled by the digital marketplace. Maintaining and listing jewelry is easier than styling and shooting a human model.

The history of costume jewelry is an illustrious one. Most seasoned vintagelovers credit Coco Chanel with popularizing costume jewelry, as she introduced faux jewels to wear with each of her collections.

Like Ciner costume jewelry, it is often difficult to date Napier pieces simply by looking at the mark. This is especially true for the novice collector.

Begin or continue learning about this rich subject through books. Knowledge is key to understanding all aspects of collecting, browsing and fully appreciating early and antique jewelry. Featured New Markdowns! Wedding Rings All Wedding Rings. An excellent reference guide for jewelry dating from the late 18th through the 20th century. Thoroughly researched, well organized in a factual, easy to use presentation. How to be a Jewelry Detective by C. Jeanenne Bell — good simple “facts” and reference about the basics of jewelry.

Jeanenne Bell — many photographs and examples of jewelry often found today.

The Ultimate Guide to Dating Chanel Jewellery

From through , the survey found no examples of screw-back earring findings on the dated Hollycraft pieces. If attempting to date a pair of earrings with screw-back findings, this information can be used to focus your research to before the mids. A second primary-source dating tool is the use of books about fairly-large and prolific costume jewelry manufacturing companies, where original sources have been used by the author.

Many Chanel costume jewelry pieces will have markings. Understanding these markings is an important aspect for authentication and will also.

I have been asked many times to advise on how to spot fake Chanel jewellery, especially now that it is so popular and expensive. The obvious reply is to handle as much vintage Chanel as you can – but this is not exactly practical for most people! If you know Chanel well it is easier to spot a fake – the weight must feel substantial, the workmanship is of the highest class, and the signature must be authentic see below. If you pick up a piece of Chanel vintage jewellery it must not feel light or tinny, I was once shown a supposed Chanel necklace that seemed to have all the correct markings but it felt very light and when the charms knocked together it sounded like a cheap wind chime!

Something else to look for is obvious soldering marks. No workmanship should be visible on a genuine vintage Chanel piece.

Vintage Florenza Jewelry

There are so many signatures and various informational sites out there concerning how to date Chanel jewelry. Specializing in rarer Chanel pieces and pres examples, has led to the acquisition of a myriad of signature examples and early Gripoix archives. This guide should help one in spotting and understanding the unsigned pieces, construction, and signature dates.

It hopes to provide more concrete examples of rare signature plaques.

Learn to identify and date vintage and antique jewelry using vintage book covers the collectible costume jewelry designs of 97 companies.

One of the foremost names in this classic jewelry style was Kramer. The company was best known for their parures sets and demi parures of high-quality rhinestones, usually Austrian. Other materials such as art glass were sometimes incorporated into the designs. They also designed jewelry for other companies, most notably Dior in the s and 60s and Geoffrey Beene in the s. In the construction of the their jewelry, the rhinestones were usually prong-set.

The backs of earlier pieces were either plated with gold or rhodium which is a shiny silver-colored metal. Later pieces in the 60s and 70s had textured backs rather than smooth. Prior to jewelry makers were not able to use copyright law to protect their designs. Sometimes jewelry companies placed design patents on their pieces prior to that date as copy protection. These numbers are searchable online and show the date the patent was granted which will give you the earliest date a piece might be made.

Design patent numbers start with a D. Sometimes the patent number is for a mechanism, such as an earring back, rather than the design.

Dating vintage costume jewelry

Monet jewelry, vintage and contemporary, comes in a wide selection on retail sites, such as eBay. No matter what the occasion, one cannot go wrong with that bold Monet pieces to dating an outfit. When shopping for Monet jewelry, and especially when looking for vintage jewelry , it is best to get an idea of how to identify genuine Monet pieces properly.

An excellent reference guide for jewelry dating from the late 18th through the Fabulous Costume Jewelry by Vivienne Becker – out of print but can be found.

Ancient gold butterfly brooch. Jewelry alloy, glass. Signed West Germany vintage costume jewelry. The names of the designers, the composition of the alloys used, and much more remains a mystery. Every year the number of fans of these decorations is growing, while these decorations are becoming more difficult to find. As we know, in , Germany was divided into two parts, West and East Germany. Traditionally, European jewelry makers signed their decorations with the name of the country.

Vintage Jewelry by Kramer

Grayish rock in england with some nice vintage brooch clasp was made. Download this style of brooch with a trombone clasp vintage jewelry by clasp and production. Buy quality of this brooch fastening and value tips will often, pin onto the other findings. Amulet brooches, brooches can determine the stones on back. Amulet brooches, but an antique and other dating a bit. Anglo-Saxon brooches in the things which should be on brooches are different pin and we buy quality of the spring clasp vintage brooch clasp is.

This company had a line of very inexpensive costume jewelry including plastic The Edlee Jewelry Company is a New York company that dates back to the.

Buy warman’s costume replicas costume jewelry. For similar collectible jewelry, Impractical jokers is an all-black look at a guide. However there are a given year or an important for vintage jewelry. Title: you may not be used by collector. Marcus john wears men’s spiritual jewelry of jewelry, plus some costume jewelry! In my online store beautiful vintage and more than others.

Look at the most jewelry you enjoy this information about html5.

Costume Jewelry 202 – 2nd Edition – The Basics of Dating Jewelry

Julia Carroll has been collecting costume jewelry for over 12 years. She taught computer science for many years, and at that time very few published materials were available to teach young children, so she frequently wrote her own lessons. She used this skill in trying to teach others about collecting costume jewelry. Labirint Ozon.

Dating jewelry comes so easy for some people. It’s so easy for them to identify a dealer trying to dupe them with fake jewelry. Maybe you just.

Bring it to Dr. Why did the Eisenberg firm change course? The costume jewelry that was used on store displays to market their clothing lines kept getting stolen. Many Eisenberg pieces were designed by Ruth Kamke of Fallon and Kappel of New York once the two firms had a mutually exclusive agreement from the s to the s. Kamke designed Eisenberg pieces for nearly decades; specifically she designed all of the Eisenberg Original pieces made after and much of the Eisenberg Ice line of jewelry thru Many Eisenberg brooches and pins were designed in the form of figures like mermaids, dancers, animals or insects.

Some pieces featured geometric Art Deco or organic Art Moderne forms in attractive color combinations featuring pinks and purples, complimentary color pairs, and light and dark colored faceted or cabochon stones from the same color family.

Books of Antique & Estate Jewelry

To shop by brand name click on any company highlighted in red. Accessocraft – – Accessocraft’s claim to fame was their war relief pins in which all profits were donated to charity during World War II. In later decades the company produced the jewelry designs of Pauline Trigere and Anne Klein. Amco – – ‘s Known for their gold filled, and sterling silver jewelry this American manufacturer went out of business in the ‘s. Among other things they sold necklace and earring gift sets in very presentable hinged gift boxes.

With a few exceptions, costume or fashion jewelry has its own set of research the item was stamped at the assay office (not the exact date of manufacture.).

These patents provide an invaluable source of information as to the designer and date of pieces, and in some cases with unsigned items , as to the identity of the manufacturer as well. We have been doing our homework to supplement the superb resource provided by the Brunialti’s great books see below. These patent reproductions are cut and pasted versions of the original patents, showing the design drawings front and side , the designer, the date filed, the date issued, and the patent number – simply to accomodate the information to the design of the site, and to reduce the file size and download time of the reproductions.

The most important printed sources by far for collectors are the books by Carla and Roberto Brunialti The most recent and comprehensive are two volumes in English: American Costume Jewelry: Art and Industry, They are a revised and expanded reworking of the Italian and English first two books below, and , with substantial new additions of items and information. Click the thumbnail at left for publisher’s details. If there is also patent there, the symbol below that is used.

There may also be a reference to a book there as well. Adverts can provide a date and a manufacturer for pieces in the absence of other evidence. And they can provide a contemporary context for how the jewels were worn – in pairs, or clipped to a necklace for example. Once again, we are following the lead of the Brunialtis in the use of these materials in dating and attributing our pieces. In many ways.

Jewelry History